About Us

About us

Who we are…

Boii Cosmetics was started in 2012, by two sisters  living in New Jersey. We initially became interested in creating nail polishes as a hobby, but was inspired by our awesome mom to evolve our hobby into a business and a career. Since then we have transitioned from nail polishes to now offering eye shadows and lipsticks.

We are the first indie cosmetic shop featuring 365 nail colors, you can wear a different color every day; all one of a kind. All our nail polishes are 100% handmade. Boii Cosmetics products are free of hazardous materials commonly used by cosmetics companies. We are 100% Cruelty-Free (We do NOT test our products or ingredients on animals). We use the best pigments to formulate our cosmetics, allowing our clients to use sometimes 1-2 coats of lipstick, nail polish and eyeshadow to obtain a full coverage effect.




Every year, a percentage of our sales  go towards helping individuals and families living in poor countries; Faith Deliverance Church , Global 12 International and The Redeem Sisters Ministry.


Christmas 2013, Boii Cosmetics donated funds to Global 12 International which helped them to buy food for 3 villages.

Christmas 2014. Boii Cosmetics donated a barrel of  toys to Faith Deliverance Church for its annual Santa Claus Day.

2014-current. We donate to St. Jude’s Hospital.